X-ray scanner and ied component recognition.

Having an x-ray machine can be an extremely valuable asset, in the right hands.  The operator of this equipment has a responsibility to the organization that the mail or other product he or she has scanned is safe for the end user to open, if this is not done properly, because of lack of training, then the situation can quite easily be made worse!

Our training expertise and delivery is tailored to support:

  • the people that rely on our x-ray products to keep them safe, including operators and managers
  • the effective and responsible use x-ray scanners
  • the environments in which our products are used, including security, quality control, health & safety, mail distribution, post-room security and human resources
  • on-going awareness of the risks, threats, and hazards which are relevant to our customers, including:
    • threats at the entry points of your business (post-rooms, mail distribution centres, ‘goods inward’ areas and people entry areas) and
    • threat types (letter-bombs, parcel-bombs, powder threats and other biological threats, suspicious baggage and parcels, and suspicious people)
    • business continuity planning, providing your organisation with robust procedures and tools for utilisation when you experience security threats and health & safety hazards

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