Posteroute are a leading provider of quality training nationwide.  Our aim is simple, to enable organisations and individuals to have access to the very latest and best up to date training available.

Posteroute has been providing this type of training since 1999.  We play a fundamental role in the development of your organisation  including the specialist areas of security and anti-terrorism.  We strive to achieve a positive, stimulating, yet relaxed atmosphere in our teaching methods.

Our comprehensive training packages ensure that candidates are equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence to perform their roles at a new level.

Our consultants and trainers have a proven track record in the following areas:

  • ExplosivesBomb
  • Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s)
  • Biological, Chemical and Radiological devices
  • Incident investigation
  • Scanner operator training
  • Security consultation


Tel: 01476 515948