The concept

After many customer requests over concerns of unnecessary evacuations, PosteRoute set about the task of designing a non explosive CBR containment unit to alleviate this        continual modern day disruption.

With the assistance of an expert in the field of CBRN the PosteRoute non explosive HAZMAT containment unit was developed.

  • Reduce the need for un-necessary evacuation.
  • Clearly identifiable equipment.
  • Reduce the risk of further contamination.
  • Clear defined responsibilities.
  • Increase staff confidence.
  • Improve moral of operators.
  • Affordable (up to 8 time less expensive than alternatives).
  • Clearly Identifiable Purpose Built Unit.
  • Clear unambiguous signage.
  • Bright tool yellow exterior.
  • Robust 2mm Steel plate.
  • Fully MIG welded.
  • Easily sealed lid.
  • Tamper proof when sealed.
  • Fully lined interior.

Reduce the Risk of Further Contamination

  • Leakage can be contained.
  • Box can be moved to non operational area.
  • Reduce dependency on air isolation.

Clearly Defined Responsibilities

  • Easy to train post room operatives.
  • Security staff have time to react because of containment.
  • Simplistic approach for Emergency Services, unit can be removed from workspace.

Employee Confidence Restored

  • Staff assured by un-necessary evacuations.
  • Better safe than sorry approach.

Practical Tool

  • Completely reusable.
  • Cheap to replace if contaminated.
  • Repair / exchange service available.
  • Purpose built no frills fit for service.

The weapon of choice for today’s criminal, crank or terrorist is white powder. White powder, be it Ricin, Anthrax or baby powder, has the effect of spreading fear among workers and usually means evacuation. This of course means massive disruption to the organization and can also have a worrying effect on the staff.

The HAZMAT box is a simple idea and is relatively foolproof.
It can save time trying to isolate the air conditioning and any forced air circulation systems. It also regiments staff into the fact that 99.9% of the time this is just a hoax designed to cause disruption, and quite simply this box prevents that from being the case.

Tested to: • IEC 68-2-64 (vibration) • IEC 68 2-29 (Bump)
• BS EN 60068-2-32 (Freefall drop test) • BS EN 60529-1992 IP 65 Category ( Dust & Water Ingress )


Internal measurements (including foam insert) 300mm x 300mm x 300mm

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