Posteroute were established in 1999 . We specialise in postal security and are fast becoming the industry leaders in this field being the preferred supplier for Government, education, pharmaceutical and other organisations which form part of the National Infrastructure.

Posteroute can supply training in:

  • Dealing with Suspect Packages- level 2 endorsed course – 4 hours
  • Suspect Package Training – 3.15 hours
  • Gateway and handheld metal detector training – 3 hours
  • X-Ray scanner Training – 2 hours

The Centre for the Protection of the National Infrastructure ( CPNI ) have issues a third edition of “Protecting Against Terrorism”  Protecting Against Terrorism (3rd edition). There are two references in the document to training specific to staff who handle the mail or security staff who have a responsibility to the post room.

  1. Mail facilities – make sure all staff who handle mail( including reception staff ) are briefed and trained.
  2. Security Culture – all employees must take responsibility for their adherence to the organisation’s security policies, but it is down to the employer to ensure they are appropriately trained. Ongoing task-specific training should be provided.
Good security is essential not only because it provides reassurance to staff, investors and clients, but because there are legal and commercial responsibilities to take into account:

Health and safety

Health and safety at work regulations place a legal responsibility on the owner or occupier of premises to have a ‘duty of care’ for staff and visitors. In the event of an incident, any subsequent inquiry or court proceeding will look for evidence that the relevant legislation was followed.

Business continuity

In the event of an incident, organisations must aim to return to ‘business as usual’ as soon as possible. This is particularly important for smaller businesses which may lack the resources to withstand more than a few days without trade.

Loss of reputation

The reputational damage of a security breach is something that will concern all senior management – the loss of trust following a failure to protect staff, clients or even data may prove difficult to recover.


Lost or destroyed assets may need to be replaced quickly and at great cost. This is in addition to any losses that might be incurred through the suspension of normal business.


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