For those staff who may come into contact with substance users or their paraphernalia, such a security, janitorial or maintenance staff, this course is essential. Looking at the behavioural effects, routes of administration, blood borne viruses and the health and safety implications of substance use, the protection of staff is the focus of this course.


Tackling the effects and demand for drugs is essential, especially for young people/adults. Overall ‘traditional’ drug use is continuing to fall, but only because New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), sometimes called “legal highs”, are increasing. We have responded by offering training to universities and educational establishments across the country to make staff aware of these substances and the potential effect on an uninformed generation.

The session includes: Awareness of substance categories~Knowledge of substances in these categories~Knowledge of the paraphernalia associated to substance use~Identification of the physical and psychological effects~Responding to the effects~Staff safety and the law~Links to continued, reliable and updated knowledge

Our trainers are specialist in the substance use/misuse fields. They are qualified educators with previous experience of providing training for many organisations including health care professionals, security organisations including police, HMP and MOJ.

The cost of this session is £825.00 max 16 participants. For further information contact us:



The Lincolnshire Volunteer Card (LVC) is FREE, it provides basic training to become a recognised Volunteer. The programme welcomes Volunteers aged 18 and over. The Volunteer Card is a sign of validation from Lincolnshire County Council, the Lincolnshire Health and Well-being Fund, and Involving Lincs (a consortium of Voluntary Sector support organisations).

As a certified LCV holder you will receive a wallet sized card with a paper form detailing your core training and experience – a ‘volunteering CV’, which is yours to keep and progress.

There are 5 core modules that are essential to Volunteering:

•Equality and Diversity
•Safeguarding and Confidentiality
•Health and Safety and Personal Safety
•Working to Good Practice Standards
•Customer Care
Plus a further FREE specialist module to help you to develop your skills in the area of your personal interest.

Lincstp include Substance Awareness as you specialist module: contact us:

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