Posteroute is dedicated and committed to providing and delivering quality training. All of our courses are mapped to DANOS (Drug and Alcohol National Occupational Standards). Which are part of the National Treatment Agencies Workforce Development Plan.

New to 2015 An Introduction to Substance Misuse

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This Introduction to Substance Misuse Awareness is aimed at anyone interested in gaining more knowledge, affected by or working across a variety of sectors, such as social care, security, criminal justice, education, counselling, the health sector, sport and recreation or community work, looking for an introductory level in substance misuse.

Subjects covered include:

  • types of substances misused, signs, symptoms and their effects
  • reasons people misuse substances
  • misleading signs and symptoms
  • gaining support and advice.
  • the physical and psychological effects drugs/alcohol have on the individual
  • how to keep updated

The cost of this course is only £50 per person and the only dates so far are:

Friday April 17th 2015

Friday July 24th 2015

Early booking recommended



We also offer accredited nationally recognised qualifications from HABC (Highfield awarding body for compliance)

HABC Level 1 Award in Substance Misuse Awareness

Level 1 website

Are you interested in changing your career?
Would a qualification in Substance Misuse be helpful to your future or current employment?
Are you and Employer who would like to support your staff to work more effectively with substance users or their families?
Posteroute recognise how important Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is to your staff.
Training days are an efficient and quick way of your organisations staff developing knowledge;
but a qualification in the subject gives your staff the knowledge both to use in the work place with confidence and identifies a competent, qualified and a professional work force.
Develop of your staff team and a qualification shows a commitment both to staff and CPD targets.
Posteroute offers the HABC Level 1 Award in Substance Misuse Awareness (QCF) in just ONE day with a little guided pre-course preparation GLH: 13.
The full course includes:  Unit 1: Develop an Awareness of Substance Misuse; Credit: 2
  • 1. Know what substances are commonly misused and why
  • 2. Recognise possible signs of substance misuse
  • 3. Be aware of the social and personal effects of substance misuse
  • 4. Be aware of the perceptions and responses to substance misuse
The day course will allow time for the pre-course learning to be included and the booklet to be completed

Posteroute is currently offering this course at a highly competitive rate of just £98 which includes the registration fee  (£80 for the course £18 exam fee)

Monday March 23rd 2015
Monday September 7th 2015
External delivery will incur the full cost of £125 due to additional administration and expenses.
For more details contact bookings on 01476 515936.


HABC Level 2 Award in Substance Misuse Awareness

This level two course GLH are 67 usually delivered over 12 weeks, this includes 3 hours tutoring and up to 5 hours homework or 1 day per week for 6 weeks.  This in-depth course it is aimed at anyone working across a variety of sectors, such as counselling, the health sector, sport and recreation or community work, looking for an intermediate level qualification in substance misuse. Our staff have delivered the level 2 course for over 7 years and have a fantastic reputation for their quality and knowledge.

This accredited qualification is for anyone working in a variety of sectors requiring a level 2 qualification in substance misuse. Subjects covered include substance use/misuse, recognition and response to substance use/misuse, community responses to substance misuse, options and interventions for those affected by substance use/misuse, substance misuse and young people.

The cost of this course is £300 per person

A group of 10 discounted rate of £2700 giving you one free place, amazing value for qualified staff.

Both courses can be delivered in our own training suite or in-house.

For more information contact us: